Carnival of Dreams

A Brother's Final Messages

The warforged sat on the concrete floor, legs crossed with his hands resting upon his knees, as if meditating. His chest was open and his inner workings could be seen whirring and ticking. They would catch and stop sporadically, causing the warforged to cough and splutter. The concrete walls surrounding him, covered in mildue and moss, and the pipes and gratings throughout the room hinted at a sewer room of some sort. Three make shift beds, a number of large chests, a table littered with maps and documents, and three chairs seemed to be all that furnished the room. The warforged appeared to be muttering to himself.

“Brother, I have failed. The schema is in enemy hands. A group of fleshlings, who I can only suspect work for House Cannith, have aquired it. I am on my own. The group killed Cutter, Kalis, and almost got me too. But I will not fail our Lord.

I returned to the provost’s academy to see if I could find any further clues regarding the schema but found nothing but a burnt out room. I “questionned” a member of the academy’s staff, as well as a City Watch guard, and found that the room had been destroyed on purpose. The culprit? A changling spy. But a group of carnival folk was also involved, some of whose descriptions matched the group that had attacked me and my team. I have just returned from that circus brother and I found them all. See them now as I have seen them. If my plan fails it will be up to you to retrieve the schema from their cold dead hands.

My wounds are too great to attempt to attack them head on. So I have hired a group of mercenary kobolds. They are naive and eager to please. I am confident they will be able to slip into the circus and place the masters explosives. I’ll then get the group’s attention with a direct attack. I shall “convince” one of the kobolds to bring them an explosive in person. Once they see it’s effects, I am confident I will be able to barter the locations of the remaining explosives for the schema.

Compassion for their own kind is one of the fleshlings greatest weaknesses brother. I look forward to exploiting it. With luck, my next message shall bring better news. May our Lord’s blessing watch over us both."

“I pray you can hear me brother. I was wrong. There are those among the group with no compassion, and ready for battle just as we are. The master was right, they plan to enslave us. If we don’t subject ourselves to them willingly, they will take our free will by force. I can’t hold on much longer brother. Avenge me…”


James_Kavanagh James_Kavanagh

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