Gelia "Gili" Took - The Owner


Small in stature but big in personality, Gelia Took is what many would call a natural leader. Intelligent, driven and charismatic, very little is known about Gelia’s past and the source of her wealth. Shortly after the Last War ended she approached Steiner with the plan of starting a new circus, one which would welcome all types of acts and which would entertain the masses all across Khorvaire, and not just the rich and powerful and those safely nestled in the main metropolises of the continent.

Gelia always seems busy. She regularly mingles with the crowds and checks in with everyone that works at the circus. She enjoys catching up with her colleagues and making sure that they have everything that they need. When she’s not moving through the circus grounds, she’s normally working away in her wagon, or away on some unknown errand in the local town or city. If however there’s a job she needs done but doesn’t have time to look after personally, she has been known to commission groups from within the circus to take care of them for her.

Quirks / Traits

Gelia "Gili" Took - The Owner

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