Irda Golden - The Fortune Teller


It’s a familiar story to many families across Khorvaire. The man of the house is conscripted into the army and dies on the battlefield. The mother, overwhelmed and grieving, passes away shortly after. That it happened to so many, made life no easier for the countless orphans that were left behind. Irda was only 12 when her parents passed away, and it became her responsibility to take care of and raise her younger sister X.

The initial years were the hardest as they scrapped by digging through trash for food and by begging. During these years, out of necessity to keep her sister safe, Irda had to grow up quickly and became a tough and spiteful person. Unknown to X, she started to steal to provide for both of them. She actually turned out to be very good at it, a fact that quickly got her noticed by a local gang. They approached her, offering her work and proper training. Irda finally thought their luck was changing.

However, the gang had other plans for her and quickly had her on the street selling her body and stealing from those customers not important enough to warrant repeat business. She became even more jaded, but kept up the ruse with X that she had found work as a dancer. They could finally afford accommodation, and X was starting to really come out of her shell in the school she had started to attend.

Eventually though, as so often happens in these situations, things turned bad and Irda and X found themselves fleeing the city forever. They eventually found Cirque de Mystique and settled there. While there, Irda learned how to read taroe cards, and since then has used the skill to read people’s fortunes.

Quirks / Traits

Irda Golden - The Fortune Teller

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