Jacob Amateratsu - The Strongman


Even though he has been free of servitude for years, Jacob still acts like he is the butler he once was during the last war. Pleasant, courteous and always helpful, there is very little Jacob would not do for someone in the circus. On top of his act as a strongman (Jacob is an older model warforged built to transport cargo and other goods, so has strength to burn) he also helps Otik in the drinks tent in the evenings. Any that see him working meticulously in the evening would say he seems to enjoy this work.


Given his age, Jacobs parts aren’t in the best of shape. As he moves and speaks, the whirring and ticking of his parts can be distinctly heard like the ticking of an old clock.

As a butler, one of his duties was to read the local newspapers and summarise the news for his master. While free he has found he enjoys keeping up to date with current affairs and is an excellent source of local knowledge and information about the nobility.

Jacob Amateratsu - The Strongman

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