Shy Golden - The Dancer


It’s a familiar story to many families across Khorvaire. The man of the house is conscripted into the army and dies on the battlefield. The mother, overwhelmed and grieving, passes away shortly after. That it happened to so many, made life no easier for the countless orphans that were left behind. X was only 5 when her parents passed away, and it was Irda, her older sister that subsequently took care of her and raised her.

The initial years were the hardest as they scrapped by digging through trash for food and by begging. During these years X became very insular and quiet and Irda took to nicknaming her Shy, a name that has stuck with her since. However, things began to pick up when Irda got a job as a “dancer”. They found themselves a small home in X, and Shy started attending school. It was here that Shy began to come out of her shell and blossom as a young woman. She joined a localĀ  theatre group, as she had wanted to learn how to become a dancer just like her older sister.

However, Irda’s employers started to take notice of Shy. Before they could get to her though, Irda took action and killed their leader. In the confusion that followed, Irda and Shy fled the city and eventually found themselves at Cirque de Mystique. Shy’s initial anger at being taken away from X has subsided over the years and she has settled in well at the circus, becomimg an intricate part of the circus’ dancers group.

Quirks / Traits

Shy Golden - The Dancer

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