Steiner "Steiny" Ketison - The Ringmaster


Steiner Ketison has always been an outcast. Flamboyant, jovial and easy going, he never fitted in with any group in the Mror Holds. While he has one of the greatest engineering minds in his generation, he always preferred to use it to create marvels that would entertain and bring joy to others. This did not go down well with his family or his peers who expected him to design more secure vaults and traps for the Warding Guild, or weapons to protect dwarven interests across Khorvaire.

Steiner eventually ran away from this unhappy situation and while on the road met up with a travelling circus that took him in. Unsurprisingly, his talents were greatly appreciated in his new home and he quickly became an expert in all things to do with the circus business. As the years passed he inevitably started his own circuses and his notoriety as one of the most successful circus organisers spread throughout the Five Nations.

Quirks / Traits

Steiner "Steiny" Ketison - The Ringmaster

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