Carnival of Dreams

A Fly On The Wall

The room looked fit for nobility. While small, it contained a fine wood carved desk close to the window overlooking Sharn. The plush, finely crafted chairs placed at each side of the desk also hinted at decadence.The walls were lined with bookshelves and cabinets filled with all manner of books, trinkets and trophies and fine art was hanging from what free wall space remained. Given the three doors found along the remaining walls, it appeared to be an adjoining room used for quiet getaways and break away meetings. One such meeting was taking place now, between Lady Elaydren and a slighter older man who looked even more regal and pompous than the Lady. The man sat behind the desk and appeared to be listening to a report being given by Lady Elaydren.

“Ah yes, I assume that situation has been taken care of then? You were lucky that the local newspapers found out so little about the deceased provost’s true benefactors.” The man’s tone was authoritative and he was obviously not happy with the report he was hearing.

“Yes my Lord. I was able to locate the journal before the warforged extremists got their hands on it. With the ring you gave me I was then able to find the extract the human had told me about. It revealed the entrance to the foundry. Bonal Geldem was much closer to the truth than I had originally thought.” Lady Elaydren spoke with care, and in a rather submissive tone. The elegance and authority she previously exuded was no longer present.

“You would do well not to underestimate the lesser races. We will not make that mistake again. Now, tell me of this group you have hired.”

“They seem quite competent my Lord. My contact in the City Watch informed me they dealt with the warforged assassin in mere moments. And, as they’re from the carnival that has just arrived in town, they’re unlikely to raise many suspicions from our usual rivals.” The man interrupted her sharply before she could continue.

“Did you just say they’re from the carnival?” He sounded angry, and could barely contain himself. He paused before continuing. “What is the name of the carnival?” Lady Elaydren was noticeably shaken and seemed scarred at the outburst.

“My…my Lord?…”

“The carnivals name you whelp!” A flash of what looked like a black mist flooded through his eyes, gone almost as quickly as it appeared. The lights in the room began to flicker and darken as the man’s face contorted in anger.

“Cirque…Cirque de Mystique my Lord…” The Lady was shaking now, looking around in fear. The lights began to settle as the man composed himself, now lost in thought.

“It can’t be a coincidence…” He seemed to be muttering to himself more so than to the Lady. “…I must make sure.” He returned his attention to the Lady. “Whatever it takes, make sure they deliver the schema. Take matters into your own hands if you have to. Failure is not an option. I also need you to send a message to our base in the Mournlands. I require another agent immediately. This carnival must be investigated. Now go! Before you try my patience again.”

“My Lord.” Lady Elaydren rose from her chair and bowed to the man before exiting the room.


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