Carnival of Dreams

An Unmarked Journal

The writing in the journal before you is barely legible, the scrawl written as if the hand wielding the pen was far too large for it.

The fire burned so brightly and so intensely, and yet the darkness descended all the same. Without warning it struck, and the circus didn’t know what hit it. Most thought the fire was an accident, and treated it as such, grabbing water wherever they could to fight the blaze.

But there were those that knew better, and Gili’s group fought the real danger under the big top, amongst the flames. But they weren’t prepared for what the darkness had sent, they weren’t strong enough. One by one they fell to the Envoy of Darkness.

Today is a dark day. I must have missed a sign, a portent. And those poor adventurers paid the price. I must redouble my efforts, become more vigilant, and illuminate this unknown darkness.


James_Kavanagh James_Kavanagh

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