Carnival of Dreams

Case 1,109, Lower City District 19 - Public Disturbance At Rats Market: Eyewitness Report

I, Skakan, born in 969 YK, am Brelish. I am a humble merchant, trading in the local markets of the lower city of Sharn. During the incident, I was in the presence of Ealdwick, my business associate, selling my goods from my stall. Suddenly, a crossbow bolt engulfed in flames flew across my vision and as I turned to follow it’s path I saw it strike a clawfoot, which was acting as a halflings mount. The clawfoot hit the ground hard, badly wounded, and the rider was trapped beneath his mount. His companions, a female elf, a male half elf, a male tiefling, and a male human (note: see attached for sketchs of these suspects) quickly reacted and charged in the direction the bolt was fired from.

By now my fellow merchants, the cowards that they are, had worked themselves into a frenzy as they tried to get out of the path of a likely fight. I of course kept my cool, and through the frantic crowd I eventually spotted the group’s assailant. A male warforged shrouded in a red cloak (note: see attached for sketch). The warforged fired another bolt at the tiefling, who was charging at him. The bolt hit but the tiefling shrugged it off and struck the warforged with a flying kick. The tiefling however wasn’t able to stand against the warforgeds return strike, a sword thrust through the chest.

As he advanced, the elf prepared a shield spell of some description and enhanced her sword with a silver magic. At the same time, the half elf moved forward to a nearby column, readied a crossbow and summoned an ice elemental! I know, unbelievable! At this stage I mostly kept my sight on the half elf to see what other wonders he might conjure. The elf did seem to be holding her own against the warforged however. As this was all happening I also went to the tiefling, placing myself in great danger, and provided what aid I could. And the human was also throwing daggers or something.

It was then though that the half elf conjured some sort of localised fireball spell! The spell engulfed the warforged, and as he flailed around helplessly the elf took the opening to sever his leg at the knee to take him down. At this stage the City Watch’s whistles could be heard in the distance and the group made a quick exit. Of course, no one was foolish enough to stand in their way. My associate and I, fearful for the warforged’s life, quickly brought him to Doctor Ales just down the road. However, the doc pronounced him dead on arrival. I then returned to my stall to resume my business and found the City Watch questioning the locals and looking for witnesses to the fight.


James_Kavanagh James_Kavanagh

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