Carnival of Dreams

The Korranberg Chronicle - Murder In Mid-City

Another night, another murder. Sharn is a dangerous city and murder, unfortunately, is not an unusual thing.  Last night, in the pouring rain, the city claimed Bonal Geldem, a provost at Musgrave University. Witnesses say the man was attacked from behind by a cloaked figure, who struck him, unprovoked, with a battle axe.

A group that was passing by intervened, and a swift battle followed. The cloaked figure, a female warforged, struck an elven member of the group from behind while yelling something about “death to the weak fleshlings”. The elf’s friends set upon her with crossbow, dagger and bomb. Witnesses describe a blazing flame engulfing the attacker and taking her down before the rain put the fire out. The group themselves could not be reached for comment.

Unfortunately the group arrived too late to save Mr Geldem’s life and the City Watch pronounced him dead at the scene. What was the reason for this murder? Colleagues at the Musgrave University informed me that Mr Geldem’s area of research was pre-Galifar Sharn, while my sources within the watch tell me it is suspected the female warforged was an agent of the Lord of Blades. Could the two be connected? Something tells me there is more to this than a random mugging or hate crime, and when I know more, my readers will of course be the first to know.


James_Kavanagh James_Kavanagh

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