Carnival of Dreams

The Korranberg Chronicle - The Circus Has Arrived In Town

The carnival has arrived in Sharn! Last night was Cirque du Mystique’s opening night in the City of Wonders, and what a show. The lights, the sound, the spectacle! I’ll discuss the show in it’s entirety in my full review on page 23, but for now I must mention the act of the night. This has to have been the opening act. A great blend of showmanship, humour and skill, the act saw a Talenta halfling with his dinosaur mount face off against a dagger throwing aasimar. The challenge? Hitting colourful bombs thrown by a half elf alchemist!

The halfling and aasimar sparked off each other at first, and were neck and neck throughout the challenge. This was despite the alchemist throwing in his own spin on the game (multiple bombs! blending in with his surroundings!) and a harlequin appearing midway through to literally shock and awe the challengers. Eventually things had to come to an end, and in a sneaky move the halfling and his mount separated to hit the last two bombs to win the challenge.

Continued on page 23…


James_Kavanagh James_Kavanagh

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