House Kundarak

Possessing great wealth and the magical Mark of Warding, the dwarves of House Kundarak have established themselves as the bankers and moneylenders of Khorvaire, as well as providers of persistent security for businesses and precious goods.

While the Mark of Warding appeared among the dwarves twenty five hundred years ago, it wasn’t until the rise of Galifar that the Kundarak dwarves emerged from barbarism and discovered the full extent of their magical gift. Kundarakhold has rich deposits of precious metals, and the clan initially used its dragonmark to protect its vaults. By 106 YK, House Kundarak was admitted into the exclusive membership of the dragonmarked houses, and today House Kundarak’s banking system operates throughout Khorvaire.

House Kundarak is a business, and the heirs of the house are expected to earn their keep. The current patriarch, Baron Morrikan d’Kundarak (LN male dwarf, aristocrat 3/fighter 6), coordinates the operations of the Banking Guild and the Warding Guild from vast estates in Kundarakhold. Major branches of the family operate in Aundaire, Thrane, Karrnath, Breland, Zilargo, and the Lhazaar Principalities, each with its own director of operations. These nobles report to Kundarak hold, but manage the daily affairs of the house in their region.

The Banking Guild provides loans, letters of credit, and safekeeping services in all the nations mentioned above. Only the Lhazaar Principalities have relatively minor banking facilities, and the Warding Guild has more extensive operations there due to its work with the prison island of Dreadhold. One of the most popular services for those who can afford it is the safe deposit vault. A client can rent a vault for 10 gp per day. The client and any delegated companions receive a word of access and can deposit an item (weighing up to 10 pounds) into the vault. Through arcane means, the vault can be accessed from any Kundarak banking center, regardless of where the vault was originally accessed. Members of the house receive a discount on this service.

Other services provided by the Banking Guild include exchanging coins for more transportable forms of wealth, such as gems or bills of exchange. The larger offices link by magical means, and an individual who maintains a balance with the bank can withdraw funds from any of the major outposts. The house speculates in a variety of businesses (including its own precious metals trade), and wealthy clients can choose to take advantage of investment services. Kundarak also provides credit and loans, but as an institution, the bank only deals with royalty, dragonmarked houses, guilds, and other large groups. However, a Kundarak agent may provide a loan to an individual or adventuring party as a matter of personal speculation.

The Warding Guild consists of experts in magical and mundane security, as well as troops trained to guard Kundarak holdings. House members stationed at Dreadhold belong to this guild. The guild provides independent security consulting and services; Kundarak locks and traps are renowned throughout the land.

Many of the nations of Khorvaire and the dragonmarked houses rely on House Kundarak for loans and security, which gives the house considerable influence. House Kundarak has close ties to House Sivis. Gnomes are found at most major branches of the bank. In exchange for a share of the profits, the House of Scribing provides bookkeeping services, verifies important documents, and assists with magical communication, in addition to providing the services of its mundane advocates and mediators.

House Kundarak

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